Zipper Combat Boots

What are the Differences with Zipper Military Boots?

Zipper combat boots are quickly becoming a trend and replacing the more frustrating lace up combat boots that have been very popular in the past.  For the purposes of the military these boots would not be the preference for a number of reasons.  Some of the reasons include that the boots would not be as sturdy and would not be as well fitted as the lace up version.  It could be argued that these military combat boots would be easier and quick to put on and off.  However when you start to think about the land and terrain and the chances of someone rolling, breaking or twisting their ankles, it seems prevalent that they would be injured more frequently. 

Zipper combat boots were not requested by nor were they introduced by the military.  These boots were at first completely fashion forward.  The boots were preferred by much of the regular public for their ease of putting on and also for the fact that they could easily be made to be quite comfortable.  Plus they were a designer interpretation of the boot that was meant to make them more popular and more acceptable by the general population.  There are also reasons that these boots might be a great choice for retired soldiers or for soldiers how have been injured and lost some of the use of their hands.  They would be easier to put on and off and would still make the soldier feel accepted.  The soldier would still get to feel like a soldier as he or she put the boots on or off and was able to accomplish this on their own. 

Zipper combat boots can be seen in a variety of places and worn by a wide variety of people.  These boots could be seen on individuals who were known as being part of the gothic movement.  There are even some sexier versions of these boots that are made to be taller and to come up the leg further.  When paired with a short skirt or a short pair of shorts and fishnet stockings the wearer instantly becomes sexier.  This is a great statement piece and something that the wearer could have easily found if knowing where to look.  People who are followers of punk rock might also love a pair of zipper combat boots.  This is because they would be easier to put on and off and would still give the same appeal of combat boots.  Plus since they are not as tight around the ankle they might even be considered more comfortable. 

There are a number of reasons that the zipper combat boots is a comfortable fashion statement.  These boots, like other combat boots, have a solid sole and good support and comfort lining that has been placed inside the shoe.  There are also special cushioned socks that might be popular while wearing these particular boots.  Some other features of the boot are that the ankle is not as tight as traditional combat boots which might make them more wearable for some.

Canadian Combat Boots

Canadian Military Boots and Fashion

For many years there has been a fashion trend among a variety of groups to wear Canadian combat boots.  There are those groups that wear these combat boots because of their function and those groups that wear that wear these boots for reasons of comfort or even style.  There are even trends where Canadian combat boots are made appropriate in seemingly the most inappropriate situations. 

One group that has been particularly accepting of the combat boot has been the Canadian music scene.  There are a variety of types of music that are played by combat boot wearing band members.  Some of these include the Canadian punk rock movement.  As with those who are a part of this music in other countries there is an unspoken code about how one should dress.  For some reason there is a strong showing of combat boots on both men and women who are into this scene.  There are some exceptions however as the combat boots are seen are not all black and most of them do not tend to be military issued.  However the basic style remains the same.  Another music group that has presented itself with combat boots is surprisingly a new bluegrass movement.  It might seem quite odd that the fiddler players have been seen wearing Canadian combat boots.  This would make one think that it has something to do with the comfort and for the fact that the boots are well functioning in all types of situations and on all types of land.  Perhaps this movement is really about some hardworking farmers just wearing the shoes that they already had. 

Another scene where Canadian combat boots have been popular has been with the various subcultures of youth.  Perhaps the most well known subculture to be associated with these boots are the gothic crowd.  This is because the kids have an un-rational thinking about the military and government.  As if to show a slap in the face these followers seem to wear the army boots as a protest of wars in general.  The gothic crowd of Canada dresses and behaves similarly to those who are living in the Untied States. 

The most surprising scene to become accepting of Canadian combat boots has been those who are expected to look perfect while walking on the red carpet.  There have been photographs and responses on a number of occasions as combat boots are seen in these places.  However perhaps the most shocking was when one young starlet was seen wearing combat boots with a sexy red sequined dress.  The dress and boots were a direct contradiction however they were readily accepted.  Perhaps it is situations like these that have made the combat boots increasingly popular on the catwalk.  The designers are following the trends that have been  set forth by the people.  This means that there are a variety of different types of boots and all of them are seen as being comfortable and for the time stylish.  As with all styles it is sure to be a thing that will be forgotten in the past but to those who love their boots no replacement could ever be made.

French Combat Boots

A Look at French Military Boots

The French have been some of the leaders and forerunners in the fight to find the best combat boots.  French combat boots have often times been the top line boots that other military set out to replicate.  Prior to World War I the boots that were used by the French soldiers seemed to have problems all their own.  These boots were not known as being comfortable and since most of the battles that the French had fought in were the same type of terrain the boots had little need for being different or having to be able to withstand a variety of different types of terrain.  The military boots were top quality and good for the land that they were meant to be used in.  However as things changed there seemed to be a number of things that were needed to consider.  One of the main attractions of the French combat boots was that they were able to be shined and look shiny longer than many of the competitor boots.  This was important as at the time having shiny boots was preferred by many of the armies.  Other armies even tried to replicate these boots as their shine was much better than some of the other armies’.  With the addition of the new terrain during World War II there needed to be a trench style boot.  This was so that soldiers who were in trenches would have the same foot protection that others had.  These boots had special plates in the heel that were aimed at protecting the heel.

Even though these boots were great they still had some problems.  One problem in particular with the French combat boots of this time was that the waterproofing was not as well functioning as one would have hoped.  This meant that the French army would have to continue to try to find the perfect modern combat boot to keep up with the changes that were occurring in militia.  The next set of boots that were created combined many things from these previous boots but made them sturdier and therefore they were not as comfortable so the search for the perfect French combat boot continued. 

Depending on the battlefield that the soldiers were fighting in, it was discovered that here needed to be different types of boots.  The boots needed to be worn depending on where the soldiers were fighting.  All of the boots needed to be comfortable as well.  It was hard to develop the perfect French combat boots for all of the soldiers as well.  This was because while remaining comfortable some boots had to protect from a variety of problems while others just needed to focus on keeping parasites and water away from the foot.  There were those boots that required that the soldiers wear their trousers inside of  the boot and those that required that the soldiers were the trousers outside of the boot.   No matter how they were to be worn however there still needed to be certain protections and certain things.  With the boots that had the trousers on the outside there had to be some way of sealing the boot to the leg to prevent anything from coming in through the top.

Vietnam Combat Boots

A Look at Vietnam Military Boots

Combat boots were not always around and have not always been used by the United States military.  In fact it was really not that long ago that the practice of using combat boots became essential.  There were some previous versions of the combat boot that were worn throughout battles in the past including those worn by the Roman soldiers.  However the modern combat boot first took off during the Vietnam War.  Vietnam combat boots were essentially the first modern combat boots that were made in a similar fashion as today’s combat boots.

During the 1960’s at the height of the Vietnam War the United States military began working to develop new boots that could be used by the soldiers who were stationed in Vietnam.  There were many special considerations that had to go into the development of the Vietnam combat boots.  The boots were made to be rugged.  At the time these boots were only available for the soldiers who were fighting in the war or training to fight in the war.  These boots were originally not available for civilians. 

Vietnam combat boots had to be able to withstand a variety of environmental elements.  Some of these were that the boots needed to be waterproof.  This was necessary as the soldiers were required to stand on their feet in swamp like jungle conditions while in battle.  Due to this there were a number of foot problems that occurred because of the soldiers having feet that were wet too often.  There was also a lot of rain in Vietnam which made for conditions to continuously be wet and overall for the feet to need protection from water. 

For Vietnam combat boots to be successful they also had to have a special layer adapted at being able to keep feet dry.  This means that there was an additional moisture protection against the feet’s own natural sweat.  This is due to the fact that Vietnam is not only wet but also very warm therefore the feet were often sweating.  Another addition to the boots was to make sure that the soles were rugged enough to not be penetrated.  There were a lot of plants in the jungle that could poke feet when walking through and this could cause a lot of problems for the soldier as well as some of the shrapnel that seemed to be around the soldiers much of the time. 

The different tactics in war that were deployed meant that the soldiers had to be more aware of their surrounds and able to react on a quick impulse.  This made it essential that the Vietnam combat boots be solid and capable of keeping the soldiers feet protected while still offering enough flexibility for the soldiers to be able to run and maneuver very quickly.  The addition of ankle supports and special materials made this possible.  The boots were made from materials that allowed for maximum movement while offering maximum protection from the outside elements.  These boots were developed with the soldiers in mind and were also made to be comfortable.  With the addition of cushioned socks the soldiers were actually quite comfortable while wearing the boots.

British Army Combat Boots

A Brief History of the British Army Military Boots

There are so many different styles of British army combat boots that have been used.  In recent years things have been considered and thought about on a new level than they had been in the past.  The British army has been using combat boots for a number of years.  They were actually one of the first armies to use combat boots in the past.  They used these boots for a number of reasons.  One of these has been that they were concerned with their soldiers having feet problems and not being able to properly care for their feet.  Therefore with the creation of these boots they were actually able to maintain that the soldiers had better quality boots and their feet were well taken care of.  The boots were well structured and had a specific amount of cushioning while also having a lot of structure. 

British army combat boots were very popular to soldiers in the beginning.  This is due to a number of reasons.  One of these specifically is that the soldiers were happy to be able to have a boot that was both comfortable and supportive.  Prior to the modern British army combat boot the boots were uncomfortable but still functioned well at protecting the feet.  The addition of comfort to the boots made them a much better choice and soldiers were much happier with them.  There were many different types of boots that came prior to the origination of the modern boot.  Some of these were the boots that typically were seen as covering the entire calf.  The problems with this boot were that they did not promote ankle flexibility and they were hard to maneuver in.  British soldiers faced the same conditions as the soldiers from the United States during the Vietnam war.  The conditions included that the terrain was very wet and that they had to wade through swamp waters while in the battlefield.  These conditions made it essential for the boots to be waterproof and highly protective of the feet.

The military combat boots were then developed to be completely waterproof and during this time there were new linings that were inserted to make the boots keep sweat away from the feet as well.  This was important as the area was also hot and humid which made it more essential to be able to keep the feet dry overall.  There was also additional padding added to the boots at this time to make them more comfortable and to make it easier on the feet when walking through the terrain that was so unstable all day long.  It was hard for soldiers to know what they were walking over or walking into. 

The modern British army combat boot was introduced in 2006 and is a general dessert boot rather than being the former combat assault boots that were worn for many years.  Therefore these are the boots that are now issued for all combat operations.  These boots were first tested out in 2007 with soldiers who were stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Cyprus.  Since they were readily accepted by the soldiers they went into production.  The boots are manufactured by Meindal and Lowa.  There are even special boots for women which take into consideration their feet and the differences between them and men’s.  There are some British soldiers who still use the previous combat assault boot however the majority of them are now wearing these new British army combat boots that are made with the conditions of the dessert in mind.

Marine Corps Combat Boots

A Journey in Marine Corps Military Boots Through Boot Camp

One of the first things that happens when you arrive on base for the Marine Corps is that you get issued your Marine corps combat boots.  These boots are a friend that you will lean on and have during the next thirteen weeks of intense training.  There are many phases that you will experience during the training but perhaps one of the hardest is the crucible phase which is the fourth phase.  This phase is also known as the make it or break it phase.  The crucible phase is the phase where the recruit is expected to show everything that they have learned during the beginning part of their training.  During this phase the new soldiers show off their skill and their ability to work as a team to be able to overcome the obstacles that they are faced with.  Without teamwork these soldiers would not be able to accomplish the tasks.  The team then either succeeds or they fail as a group.  Therefore even if only some of the people have done a great job then the group still might not be successful. 

There are many different tasks that need to be completed in the crucible phase.  These tasks include that there be a fifty four hour field training exercise.  During this the recruit must actually recall and use all of the training that they have learned during the previous weeks of boot camp.  The soldiers also must demonstrate how they can utilize their Marine corps combat boots and how they are able to put them on quickly as if they were in true combat.  Also during the crucible phase the recruits will actually walk forty eight miles while completing tactical moves that would be expected in combat situations.  Some of the things that happen during the combat situations are that there is strenuous testing while not being able to eat as much or sleep as often as they usually do.  It is during this phase that a recruit’s Marine corps combat boots will be broken in. 

A recruit might only get four to eight hours of sleep during this entire time.  During this time you actually get placed into small groups under the command of one drill instructor.  Each different marine base actually has as special location where you actually go to go through this type of training.  When the soldiers are finished with boot camp they have been broken and made strong both physically and mentally.  In the end the challenges that are competed are actually endured to increase the overall strength of the recruit.  These different strengths are shown in a number of ways.  One of the biggest physical hurdles is that there are a number of different types of conditioning and with Marine corps combat boots these are all possible.  The boots actually help to train the soldiers and help their feet to stay safe when they are abusing their bodies so badly.

Lace Up Combat Boots

The History of Lace Up Military Boots

If you were to study today’s culture one reoccurring thing that you would see are lace up combat boots.  These military boots are seen in a variety of places.  They could be seen in popular trend setting environments like online and even in fashion shows or they might be seen as the official boot of the military.  There are a number of reasons why these boots are popular and one is that they combine comfort and practicality.  These shoes are used for a number of practical reasons and they are made to be comfortable for a number of reasons as well.  People of all ages and races wear these shoes.  They continue to remain popular as they were developed in style and diversity for a number of years.  These boots were originally started as a military clothing accessory.  Since this time they have been radically transformed for a number of reasons.

Today lace up combat boots have become popular for a number of reasons.  Some of these are that they have been the official shoe of many different youth subcultures in the United States.  Some of these subcultures are part of the punk or gothic movements.  These shoes are a clothing accessory that continue to appeal to a number of different types of people.  These boots have become a part of many different types of urban culture.  Thanks to these different factors the sales of lace up combat boots continue to rise.  Since the origination and creation of combat boots there have been a number of changes that have occurred for the better.  There have even been companies that have based their entire success on the sale of these types of boots.  Some of these brands include the praised Doc Martens. 

During the Vietnam War in the 1960’s the United States government created the combat boot.  Originally these boots were distributed to soldiers and only soldiers.  Civilians were not bale to purchase or use these boots at this time.  These boots were specifically designed for practices during combat.  Some of these practices include that the boots were made to withstand various types of weather and land formations.  They were also created to keep the soldiers’ feet safe and for them to not have problems later in life.  This was in direct response to a number of soldiers from previous wars who had feet problems and serious medical issues from their feet not being cared for properly. 

Lace up combat boots have been made with some specific considerations in mind.  One of these boots have to be able to be laced up quickly and easily.  This is because soldiers need to be able to put their boots on in a hurry if they happen to be under attack.  Another is that the boots are required to be comfortable in all land conditions and while on long walks or even while running.  In addition they must be able to protect the ankles and keep their feet comfortable as well.

Matterhorn Combat Boots

Hiking Through Matterhorn Military Boots

There are many different brands of combat boots on the market.  Out of all of the boots on the market some of the most coveted are Matterhorn combat boots.   These boots have quickly become a cult favorite among professionals and non-professionals alike.  There are many different professional fields where these boots might be considered.  The boots are also meant to meet and exceed the safety requirements all while keeping the feet comfortable and dry all of the time.  The boots are popular for a number of reasons.  One of these is that they have a variety of styles and colors and all of them are known for being comfortable.  Another is that they are fairly affordable and easy to get.  

These boots all include a number of performance components and there are a number of technical capabilities for the boots as well.  Some of the professionals that might shop for these boots include miners, servicemen and women, law enforcement officers, emergency service employees, and Homeland Security Officers.  There are many other professionals who might be benefited by the boots as well.  No matter what your task is you can find a Matterhorn combat boot that will work for you.  There are many different styles of boot produced by Matterhorn.  Below are some descriptions of their most popular boots and what they could be worn for.

The men’s 10” waterproof insulated lace to toe field boot with non-metallic safety toe is a very popular boot choice by Matterhorn.  These boots come in a variety of colors so you can find them for your chosen profession and still fall within all dress code guidelines.  These boots are waterproof and breathable.  Plus they have a specialized bootie that helps to keep the foot even drier and well cushioned.  These boots are known for their comfort and durability. 

The company also makes a men’s 7” dessert boot.  These Matterhorn combat boots are a boot that is made for the military and has even been used by some soldiers when performing in the dessert.  They have been used in both tactical situations and in combat.  These boots are an appropriate tan color to match with the sands of the dessert. 

Some of the boots that Matterhorn makes are insulated to help keep feet warm.  Some of them are not insulated and known to help keep feet cool in hot and dry climates.  Most of the Matterhorn combat boots are waterproof.  There are also boots that have a special technology in the inserts that keeps the feet dry and while doing so can know whether to keep the feet cool in hot weather or warm in cold weather. This technology actually helps the boot to be able to sense the temperature and helps with keeping the feet comfortable overall.  Overall Matterhorn combat boots are popular because they offer top of the line comfort and many new technological advancements.  These boots are used all over the world and are some of the most popular boots available on the market today.  In addition they are actually available to all people through the company’s website or many other areas.

Tactical Combat Boots

What You Should Know About Military Tactical Boots

Today’s soldiers are equipped with the best technology in order to be able to be competitive with other countries’ soldiers on the battlefield.  The most requested and perhaps the most important item are the tactical combat boots. 

Tactical combat boots are worn both in and out of battle by soldiers for a number of reasons.  These boots are made to be able to withstand the roughest terrain and even pass rugged requirements for action.  These boots are really one of the most important items that a soldier can have.  This is for a number of reasons.  When at home or stationed on base the soldiers need the boots for combat training and learning how to react in specific situations.  While these boots are high quality they are lightweight. 

Tactical combat boots are made to be able to withstand a variety of weather elements and climates.  The boots are made out of special and unique materials that are designed to be able to withstand the worst conditions and to be rugged.  These boots also need to be flexible in order to make sure that the foot and ankle can move quickly and with ease when on the battlefield.  Plus the boots are required to be comfortable since so much of the soldier’s time is spent on his or her feet.  These boots are required to be able to meet all of the demands that being a soldier has. 

Even though these combat boots are great for a number of reasons there are still some challenges that you might face when wearing them.  There are many different types of tactical combat boots on the market but only certain types are made with military regulations and standards in mind.  Some of the boots are only good for leisure activities like camping, light hiking, and other simple activities.  Since tactical combat boots do not have to be as sturdy as some of the other military boots they are typically made out of the same canvas as tents and sails.  Typically the soles are made from a tough and rigid rubber.  These shoes are good but they would not be usable during a military battle or extensive military trainings.  One of the main reasons that these shoes are not used for battle or extensive trainings is because they do not have the best performance under live rounds of ammunition. 

When soldiers are in real combat they typically have to deal with a lot of rough terrain including rocky, hilly, and mountainous areas.  There are a lot of things that can cause problems in these areas like shrapnel and sharp rocks.  Mainly the problems that can be caused from these is that there is a high probability of twisting an ankle or having some other sort of injury.  Tactical combat boots that are made for the military are needed for these things.  Some of the things that these boots are made for is getting wet and then having to walk in hot dry areas.

Army Surplus Combat Boots

What Benefits Do You Get From Buying Military Surplus Combat Boots, Trousers, Etc.

When you are looking to buy combat boots & army surplus items you are purchasing items that are extra or surplus of what the army needs are around the world.  Even though these items are surplus to the army and might not meet all current requirements many of the items are still perfectly fine for everyday use.

Basically how this happens is that there are constant changes in the army’s requirements.  This could be because of some new technology or simply because the fighting is occurring in another area so the needs might have changed.  Items might also become surplus if they have been over ordered and the army simply has too many.  Due to these facts you can actually find some nice army surplus combat boots, trousers, backpacks, cots or many other items.  These items are sold in army surplus stores.  This basically means that the company buys the items from the army and in turn sells them to civilians. 

Items that are found in an army surplus store are generally a great value.  Some of the items might be used but they will still have a lot of use left in them.  This means that you can actually buy high quality outdoor products and save money at the same time.  Many of the items that you find in an army surplus store will even cost less than similar items that are found in discount stores like Wal-Mart.  Plus the items are much higher quality than these discount items but will not set you back as much money as if you had bought them from a specialty outdoor store.

In the past there have been many myths about items that were purchased at the army surplus store.  This is because many people thought that these items were worn out old army equipment.  However today this is not the case as many times the items are new and have never even been used.  Plus even if it has been used it has been made from such top quality equipment that they are still worthy items to buy.  Often there are many times that items are made with higher quality stitching.  Army surplus combat boots and clothing are made to withstand the harshest conditions so if worn in normal activity it can last for quite a long time. 

One of the most popular items that are purchased is army surplus combat boots.  This is because boots are one of the highest quality items and something that is popular for a number of reasons.  Some other popular items are different clothing items like trousers.  These items have increasingly become popular for a number of reasons.  When you are buying items from these different army surplus stores then you are going to want to make sure that the items that you are purchasing are really army quality items and not ones that had been fabricated.  There are a number of things that need to be considered as part of a practical design. 

Since army surplus combat boots and trousers have been so wildly popular they have even crossed over into mainstream fashion.  So if you want to find these clothing items but are not wanting them to be quite so military inspired you can find a number of alternatives through popular fashion.

Discount Military Boots

Spotting the Difference Between High Quality Military Boots and Discount Combat Boots

There are many different levels of quality that can be associated with military boots.  Figuring out how to tell the difference and spot discount military boots is important if you are in the market for a good high quality pair.  One way to figure out if you are purchasing a high quality pair of boots is to look at the brand.  One popular high quality brand associated with these boots is Doc Martens.  Both the police and military have used these boots at one time or another.  Whether we associate the word Doc Marten with quality on a subconscious or conscious level we all know that they are a great pair of solid boots. 

What you might not know is why these boots are high quality and what the differences would be with discount military boots.  Typically the boots are purchased based on the reputation and the buyer is not thinking about the weight of the boot or the quality of the stitching that is holding the boots together.  Basically most buyers buy them because of their name.  So below are some of the things that you will want to look for when trying to purchase a high quality pair of boots.

You will want to flip over the boot and check out the heel first and foremost.  No matter how good a boot looks from the top if the heel is not just as good then it is not worth your money.  You want to make sure that there is a real leather heel.  Discount military boots will not offer a true leather heel and will either offer a heel that is made out of synthetic leather or some other type of material like nylon.  When you are looking at the heel you want to see that it is formed from layers of stacked leather as this is what is going to make them last a long time.  If the heel is a laminated heel then you are not going to want to make the purchase. 

The next thing to consider is the stitching.  Of course everyone knows that Doc Marten’s have the yellow stitching but many discount military boots do as well to try and imitate them.  So you are going to want to look closely at the stitching.  You are looking to see that the stitching is intricate.  The color will make this easy on some shoes but with others you will have to look more closely.  Many of the cheaper shoes actually have bigger stitches that are not as attractive and they actually come apart much easier.  Although the stitching is important you do not have to look for perfection.  You will want to make sure that the shoe maker has made a shoe that is going to fit your foot well. 

Therefore one of the easiest ways to check out the quality of any boot is to try them on.  Boots should fit snug and be comfortable.  This is going to help you to make sure that they are high quality and that you are not paying a lot of money for boots that are really just discount military boots.

Israeli Combat Boots

Living Among Israeli Soldiers While Wearing Israeli Military Boots

There is a new volunteer organization that plans to show others how Israeli soldiers live.  The organization is quickly becoming popular and has many new recruits on a frequent basis.  This program pairs regular civilians with Israeli soldiers and provides them with Israeli combat boots for their three week adventure of shadowing the soldiers.  These volunteers learn how to take care of many different types of army equipment.  They actually know how to repair, clean, and sort this equipment. 

The program is hands on and the volunteers are from the United States, particularly Philadelphia.  During the past ten years that the program has ran there have been nearly five hundred volunteers.  Each of the volunteers have returned home and promoted the program saying that they had learned so much. 

The volunteers have come to learn many things about the Israeli army and have a newfound respect for the Israeli soldiers.  This is one step in the right direction towards tolerance of all people.  This is one of those things that can be seen in a number of different functions but most notably is seen through their ability to return to the states and tell others about their experience.  One of the most monumental moments in the journey is when they first arrive and are given a pair of Israeli combat boots to wear.  It is through wearing these boots that the individuals in the program begin to feel as though they are part of the army and that they too could be a soldier if in these situations. 

Each person that has returned home from the journey continues to talk about the experience and how this one journey has so changed their lives for the better.  Perhaps all people could learn something from this experience and there are definitely those who should take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself.  The Israeli army is really quite different than how it is pictured by the majority of Americans.  All of the soldiers in the army are volunteers and they are fighting for something that they believe in.  This is very much like those who are soldiers in the United States army.

Further each person in the army has many of the same regulations and requirements.  The Israeli combat boots must be shined just as the American combat boots are.  There is also a set uniform and each person must take control of a certain part of the missions to make them successful.  The Israeli army really works as a team and while spending your time as a part of them you will learn teamwork better than you could anywhere else.  Still the most important factor that is learned through an experience like this where you put on your own Israeli combat boots and walk along side the soldiers to help them and learn from them, is tolerance.  Tolerance is something that can be used on a daily basis and something these volunteers are learning to teach to others in order to influence them as well.

Corcoran Combat Boots

A Quick History of the Corcoran Military Boots

The original Corcoran combat boots were originally created just for the airborne infantry.  The boots were made especially for the jumpers.  The main difference in these boots was that they no longer had the leggings in order to prevent parachute risers from being snagged.  These boots were originally developed in 1941. 

The original paratroopers who wore the Corcoran combat boots were stationed throughout the world.  So the boots actually were used in live combat in a number of locations including Sicily, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, and Holland.  When the army decided to change these boots in 1945 the paratroopers were very upset and opposed.  This is because the new boots could actually snag the parachute risers and this could cause injury to the soldiers. 

Today a version of the original Corcoran combat boot still exists and you can actually purchase the first edition style still.  These combat boots are high quality and have been used for years to provide good quality footwear for those who enjoy parachuting.  Today not only paratroopers but rather sport parachuters enjoy wearing the boot. 

Another popular feature is the additional shock absorbing pads and lining.  This helps to make jumps easier on the knees and ankles and to even support hips.  This is a great feature as so many people were injured during jumps in the past. 

If you are in the market for Corcoran combat boots then you will easily be able to find them online.  if you were to try to look for these boots in the stores then you might have a hard time as they are not readily available in all areas.  Plus they are typically not on store shelves.  There are now several different styles of the boot as well.  Below are some of the most popular and their special features.

The Corcoran 1525 Men’s 10” boot is a popular shining military boot is a great buy at around $175.  These boots are constructed using comfort and performance leather, webbing ankle reinforcement, heavy duty military counters and box toes, and full height speed lace system making them easier to lace.

The Corcoran 17146 Men’s 10” boot is another popular boot since the price is lower and they average around $160.  These boots are also made from leather that is easy to shine.  The main difference between these and the 1525 is that these boots are not made out of leather.  They are instead constructed from Condura, a high performance fabric. 

The Corcoran 43090 boot is a great choice if you are looking for a desert style boot.  Instead of being black, these boots are tan.  This boot is made from leather and is not lined making them cooler than some other options for boots.  The boots have a fiberglass shank and offer a great solid tread that is made in the same process as Goodyear tires.  These boots cost around $200 and are really popular for a number of reasons but the main is that they keep your feet cool in extreme heat.

Waterproof Combat Boots

How We Came to Having Waterproof Military Boots

The intent of military boots is not for the purpose of fashion but rather for the overall function.  The many things that make waterproof combat boots special and a great boot are that they have been developed over the years. 

There have been many different forms of combat boots that can be seen throughout history.  The original boots that were seen were the hobnail boots of the Roman soldiers.  These were specialized boots that were intended to be worn during combat rather than being ornamental accessories and something that was to be worn to ceremonies to create a specific image.  Today there are many different variations of the basic combat boot.  These boots are typically lace up styles.  The special boots are for those who are jumpers or tankers.  Most all of the military issued boots are now waterproof combat boots.  Since the technology is available nearly all boots have since been made to be waterproof. 

Specialized boots are available for military servicemen and women depending upon the areas to which they will be traveling.  Some of the specifications are that the boots be made to go with certain types of terrain.  This means that there are special jungle combat boots, cold weather combat boots, and desert combat boots.  However, nearly all of these fall into the waterproof combat boots category. 

Combat boots are made to be tough and rugged.  They are made to be walked in for long periods of time and in various weather conditions.  There are even special parts of the boot that are made for the various rugged landforms and terrain that you might find yourself in while in the service.  Besides being conditioned for all weather types these boots are known to be comfortable thanks to specialized padding and lining.  In addition the boots have special support systems built in for the wearers ankles which makes them great in all conditions and helps to keep the ankle from rolling.  This can help to prevent sprained ankles and breaks in the ankle.  The boots provide a good solid grip to the ground and can help the soldier to keep from sliding when they are walking in different types of terrain. 

Some additional benefits are found in the newer waterproof combat boots.  By being waterproof these boots provide a safe way to keep the soldiers’ feet dry and prevent many harmful diseases.  These boots also provide a way for soldiers to travel for long periods of time through the jungle or other less than perfect areas.  This means that the soldiers can travel through swamps and rivers and not get their feet wet.

Since the conceptualization and manufacturing of waterproof combat boots the men and women in the military have had beneficial treatment of their feet while wearing boots.  There has also been less of a chance of some pretty serious foot fungus and foot disease issues that were caused by feet being wet for too long of a period of time.

Shift Combat Boots

Shift Combat Boots are the Boot for Your Race

With all of the advancements in technology and the new design features that are seen everywhere from the lining in your coat to the way that your shoes are made it is no wonder that there are now special boots for motorcycle racers.  These shoes are called Shift combat boots.  They derive their name from the ability to shift more quickly between gears as well as the company name and the fact that they have a basic military combat boot design.  These boots are a relatively new invention but are quickly catching on and nearly all motorcycle racers can now be seen wearing them.

Shift combat boots are great for a number of reasons.  One is that they are still durable and hardworking boots that can withstand a lot of exercise and performance problems.  These boots can actually help riders to be able to shift more easily between gears.  Plus they keep the feet well protected at all times.  Since it is not uncommon for a racer to have his or her foot ran over this is important and wearing these boots can really mean the difference between an injury or walking away.

The boots are constructed out of leather.  Typically these military combat boots have some type of adjustable straps as well which helps to make sure that you always have a perfect fit with the boots.  This is essential as having a perfect fitting boot is required for a number of reasons.  You need great fitting boots to ensure that they do not become loose or fall off during a race as well as maintaining the support that your foot and ankle need if you were to get into an accident, fall off of your bike or be ran over by another rider. 

If you were to talk to racers today and ask what items were on their wish lists it is almost certain that they would be wishing for a pair of Shift combat boots.  These boots are great for the rider but would not be appropriate for a non-rider as they are essentially just riding boots.  By doing a quick internet search you can watch any number of videos and special programs on websites like You Tube devoted to talking about the love of these great pairs of boots. 

The boots come in many different stylish colors so any rider can find the perfect pair to match his or her attire.  These boots are relatively inexpensive at around $100 per pair and offer a great amount of traction and stability for the rider.  Shift is a small company that specializes in different types of riding gear.  The company makes a great line of different products including the Shift combat boots.  Their helmets, jackets and other riding gear are top quality and the top of the line for riders of motorcycles everywhere.  Plus the products are safe for all types of weather meaning that people from everywhere can wear them at any time.

Marine Combat Boots

The Usefulness of Marine Military Boots

Soldiers from all branches of the military including the army, special forces, air force, navy and marines are all required to wear military boots at one point or another.  Some special considerations are made with marine combat boots as these soldiers often face more situations that require a variety of activity.  Some of the activity might include walking, running, jumping or standing.  Due to the fact that these physical activities can wear out regular shoes quickly and even cause damage to the feet it is essential that the combat boots do their job in the protection of feet.  These boots are made to give specific support and protection in an effort to save the soldier’s feet and to cause as little long term damage as possible.  This is especially important for those who are embarking on a military career.

Many soldiers especially those in the marines are required to carry a huge amount of responsibility on their shoulders.  Plus they are required to carry large packs that have heavy equipment that they might need which is why marine combat boots need to be supportive.  These soldiers have the overall goal of keeping peace throughout the world and the responsibility of their boots is to keep their feet safe. 

Marine combat boots are specially designed with combat in mind.  Therefore these boots are most appropriately worn during live combat or combat trainings.  The boots are designed to take abuse and to protect the feet while doing so.  Since these boots are designed for comfort, performance and stability there is no problems for the soldiers as they run, jump and stand on their feet for long periods of time.  These boots were originally only available for soldiers however today nearly anyone can own a pair.  However some of the boot styles are not available for civilians at this time and civilians are actually not allowed to wear them.  This is due to the fact that they are specially made for the Marine Corps. 

However there are many styles of marine combat boots that anyone can wear and can be worn for the purpose of fashion.  These military inspired clothing items and accessories are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of fashion and even highly coveted designers are adding military inspiration to some of their pieces.  However it is not typical that these designer creations are as comfortable or as durable and rugged as the real thing.  So if you are looking for a pair of boots that are going to withstand a lot of torture from running, jumping, standing and intense amounts of exercise in different climates then you would want to stay away from designer inspirations and make sure that you are purchasing a pair that is set at military standards.  You can actually find the real thing in some military supply stores and easily over the internet.  The only problem that you might face when ordering online is that is that you can try them on to ensure that you are ordering the correct size and size is very important with this type of boot.  You want to make sure that you have the right size to be able to ensure that the boot will not slip or cause you further foot problems.

Best Combat Boots

 Finding the Best Military Boots

There are many different reasons that men enjoy wearing combat boots.  Some of these are that they are sometimes needed for a specific job or career path along with the fact that many men enjoy how they look.  Plus by wearing the best combat boots men are ensuring that they have good support from their shoes along with comfort.  It could even be speculated that men feel more powerful when wearing combat boots.  It took many years to get to where combat boots were not so strict in design and to where regular civilians could wear these boots.  These boots at one point had to follow a particular army look.  However if you are not using these boots for an army career then you will have a lot of options when looking for the best combat boots for you.

One of the main things that you will want to consider when looking at these boots is to make sure that there is a good ergonomic design so that they are comfortable.  Since these boots are often walked in a lot and are typically worn when you are going to be on your feet all day long there is bound to be some type of problem if they are not made to be comfortable.  By making sure that they are comfortable you will be able to ensure that you have a great walking experience in them.  Some additional features that are required when finding the best combat boots might be that you look at the additional padding.  You might also be interested in additional support based upon the needs that you have and what you will be wearing them for.  There might also be a need for added insulation if you are going to be working in colder climates and exposed to more of the elements.

These boots are not as heavy today as they used to be thanks to improvements in materials and designs.  One such improvement has been different leather and rubber than in the past which has made these boots lighter overall.  These boots can provide a wide range of versatility to the wearer as well.  They are very practical and can perform in nearly all situations as they are made for shifting climates and terrain.  So if you are looking for the best combat boots you are sure that to find that they offer all of this and maybe even more.

If you are looking to buy the best combat boots and any other military supplies then you will want to make sure that you are looking online.  Online stores offer so many choices to the buyer.  These websites actually offer authentic military boots which might be hard to find in stores or even your local military supply places.  In addition to the boots you might be able to purchase some other fun objects like reflex optics or night sights.  The boots will have a wide price range based on the quality that you are looking for. It is highly recommended that you not buy the cheapest pairs and that you buy something that is going to last for a long time since these boots will never have to be replaced if you are only wearing them part of the time and you buy a quality pair.

Army Jungle Boots

The History of Jungle Combat Boots

Even though there had been engagement by the military in battles in the jungle prior to World War II there were no army jungle boots.  Since there are so many dangers for feet in the jungle there were often soldiers that had to have their feet or even their legs amputated after having their feet exposed to certain conditions.  Some of the conditions include the weather which is always wet and exposure to sand, heat, and various insects.  Therefore army jungle boots were manufactured to help to alleviate some of the problems with the weather and not having appropriate footwear prior. 

During World War II in the South Pacific the first military jungle boots were used.  These boots were made from canvas and rubber.  The main problem with these boots was the lack of support.  The boots did protect from mud and insects and were relatively comfortable when worn with the appropriate cushioned socks.  Plus the boots causes chafing on the legs to the point that some soldiers would cut the tops off. 

There were some modifications made during World War II which included that part of the boot be made from leather and offer more support.  However this model of boot never caught on.  The next war that caused concern over army jungle boots was the Vietnam War.  Many soldiers were still wearing standard issue leather boots during the war.  Later however the soldiers were wearing black leather and olive drab nylon army jungle boots that offered special cleats for traction.  These military boots also helped to protect against mildew.  However the leather combat boots remained popular for those who were flying planes and around other fire hazards as nylon is highly flammable. 

Since this time there have been five main styles of army jungle boots.  Each of the five styles has still been made out of black leather and olive drab nylon.  The different types of boots include Okinawa.  This boot is a modified double buckle boot very similar to those worn in World War II.  These boots had canvas panels for tropical climates.  Another type is known as the first pattern which featured the following:  black leather, green canvas, leather band at top, leather strap from heal to top, and Vibram sole.  The second pattern featured black leather, green canvas, nylon band at top, nylon strap from heal to toe, and Virbam sole.  The boots known as third pattern Vibram sole were the same as the second pattern with the addition of a nylon ankle support band.  The third pattern Panama sole included the same things as the third pattern Vibram sole and the addition of a thin steel spike protection plate to keep feet safe from Punji sticks.

Army jungle boots will continue to evolve through time especially as new synthetic materials become available.  There are some standards that need to be kept when using boots and they include wearing with extra cushion socks, choosing the right size, learning how to put the boots on and check for both snakes and insects, wearing the pants on the outside of the boot, and keeping them clean.

Combat Boots for Sale

The Best Places to Find Military Boots for Sale

There are many different locations in which you can find combat boots for sale.  With modern technology it is now easier than ever to find anything that you are looking for online.  There are also many stores that carry combat boots and many army supply centers where you could check as well.  There are some things that you will want to be sure and consider when you are looking at the different combat boots for sale. 

Finding a perfect pair of combat boots can really be simple.  If you live in an area that has an army supply store then this would be the first place that you would want to check.  You could go to one of these places and often times they will have some new boots however most of the combat boots that they carry will be used.  Buying used boots is okay for some people however if you have any foot, knee, ankle or back problems you might want to reconsider this move.  You also might want to consider buying a pair of used combat boots for sale and then adding new padding or having new padding professionally added to the shoes to make them better suited for your foot.  Army supply stores and warehouses will probably have the best deals on combat boots and you can most likely save money by going this route. 

Another great place to look for combat boots is online.  There are a number of stores that carry these boots and offer great deals on them.  Some of the stores even offer express and/or free shipping to the buyer.  You could have your new combat boots in just a couple of days by taking advantage of all of the offers.  If you are looking for a place to purchase these boots online then you would want to use a search engine and search for the boots.  When you find retailers that sell the boots you can decide what type of boot specifics you are looking for and can even compare prices.  If you are willing to put in some extra time and effort to save money than you might want to check Ebay or Amazon once you know the boot specifics and exactly what you want.   Remember that not all items on Ebay are used so you could actually find a new pair of boots for less money. 

If you are having trouble finding authentic combat boots since there are so many fashionable finds in this category than you would want to make sure that you are looking in the right place.  Instead of looking at standard shoe stores or popular department stores you need to go off of the beaten patch and check army supply stores.  Plus many stores that are associated with military schools could possibly help you with finding what you are looking for.  No matter where you look though you should not have any difficulty finding combat boots for sale.  Keeping in mind to watch for specifics and to make sure that you are getting  authentic army quality boots is something that you will need to consider.

German Military Boots

The History of German Combat Boots

German military boots are standard combat boots that are made for soldiers to wear during combat.  These boots are typically only worn during combat and combat training and are not the same boots that are worn during parades or other ceremonial occasions.  These boots are manufactured to be able to combine grip, ankle stability, and protection under a number of different environmental circumstances while being known for their comfort. 

German military boots are made out of leather that has been hardened and is waterproofed.  Today’s boots actually have the modern technologies that are popular with hiking boots incorporated into them to ensure comfort for the wearer.  Some of these include Gore Tex nylon side panels that help the shoe to breathe during warm wet weather.

There can be several different classifications of German military boots.  These include the jungle boot, desert boot, or cold weather boot.  There are even boots for specific military duties that include tanker boots or jump boots. 

To understand the history of German military boots you would need to know a little bit about the history of combat boots in general.  The first soldiers to wear boots were the Romans.  Prior to this time the soldiers wore sandals and every day shoes as was common of the general population of the time.  The next boots on the scene were ankle boots during the English Civil War.  Then were the Hessian boots that were popular among cavalry during World War I. 

The next boots that were seen were used during the Napoleonic Wars and were the Blutcher boots.  These boots were not replaced until around World War I during which time the military was issued George boots.  During the War of 1812 US soldiers were given calf high boots.  Then during the Civil War the boots were ankle high instead. 

The first trench boots were seen during World War I and many standards that were used in the boots at this time are still used today nearly one hundred years later.  During World War II the first modern combat boots were introduced.  Although they were not required to be shined until after the Vietnam War, however this practice was used in German military boots even as far back as World War I. 

German military boots have had few revisions since World War II as they were perfected at this time to make them as comfortable as possible.  Plus they were also made from leather that was easier to shine in order for the Nazi soldiers to be able to have perfectly shined boots at all times.

Current US military combat boots are no longer black leather and are no longer shined.  They are tan and have a much rougher appearance.  These boots are waterproof and have the ability to keep feet warm and dry in cold weather but still breathe and keep the feet cool and dry in hot weather.  In combination with moisture whisking socks there are fewer foot fungal problems than in the past and gang green is no longer an issue with soldiers.

Knee High Combat Boots

How to Wear Any Boots, Even Knee High Military Boots

There are so many different choices of boots available today on the market from stiletto healed red boots to knee high combat boots.  Each of these boots has a specific purpose and to ensure that you always remain in style you will want to know how to wear the different types of combat boots.  Most women have a number of different types of boots in their closet and also on their current want list for top fashions. 

To understand how to wear different types of boots you must first understand the different types and their differences. 

Hiking boots are practical but it is hard to make these boots look sexy, even though it is possible.  These boots are sturdy and prevent the wearer from rolling her ankle which is important when on long hikes or climbs.  There are a variety of styles of hiking boots from the newly popular Keen hiking boot to the standard issue knee high combat boot. 

There is also the standard knee high boots.  These boots can be practical like the knee high combat boots or simply for fashion like many of the knee high stiletto boots that are currently on the market. 

There are also thigh high boots.  These boots were traditionally known as the boots of nightclubs and were considered to be something that should be saved for the bedroom.  However today’s fashion statements break all of the rules and these boots are quite popular with many daytime looks.

Another style of boots is the hip boots or waders as they are commonly known.  These boots leave little for fashion, although currently they seem to be making some sort of entrance into the fashion world.  The boots are primarily for when you must wade in deep water while fishing or hunting. 

The standard go-go boots are boots that have been made for dancing.  These boots are a classic in white and have been a symbol of female empowerment as much as the knee high combat boots.

Although steel toe boots can make a fashion statement they are typically saved for those who are working hard.  These boots can come in the form of traditional construction boots or could be seen in the style of knee high combat boots.  The boots help to protect the toes when working with hazardous materials.

Ugg boots have been one of the most popular booting trends and can be seen on the feet of the rich and famous during cold winter months.  They are known for being cute, stylish, warm and quite practical. 

Some boots perform specific purposes such as those used for skiing and snowboarding.  If you do not have the right boots then it is impossible to participate in the activity. 

You might also find yourself oddly attracted to cowboy boots.  Once thought of as the shoe of choice for cowboys or country folk, they are now popular among a variety of people. 

Military boots are another category of boot in which there are many different styles.  These styles can range from the lace up knee high combat boots to boots that are just over the ankle. 

With so many different boots out there, you will be able to find the perfect pair for any event or outfit.

Punk Combat Boots

A Staple of Underground Fashion - Punk Military Boots

There are many things that can be connected to the punk world.  One popular choice for punk rockers that has rubbed off on punk followers is the love for punk combat boots.  In some way these musicians have influenced the fashion of their followers as have many other types of musicians.  Think about it the Grateful Dead made the Birkenstock sandal popular among followers and the Insane Clown Posse has made it popular to dress up like a gothic clown.  However it could be argued that punk bands have a stronger fashion following than other bands and nearly all those who listen to this type of music choose to wear the popular punk combat boots.

During the 1970’s punk rock first came on the scene with bands like The Sex Pistols and the Clash.  These bands came face to face with the youth in America at the time and their unique style quickly became popular to the masses.  This music was completely different than anything that had been on the scene prior.  The music was out of control and unruly.  Musically and emotionally the music broke all of the rules that had been previously set in place with rock n’ roll.  Since there was such an outcry toward rebellion the fashion followed that same trend.

There were many different fashion pieces that were considered to be part of the punk movement.  These fashion pieces often times include the symbol of anarchy as this movement was formed out of a cry out against the war in Vietnam.  The fashion trends included ripped t-shirts, torn jeans, leather jackets, patches, t-shirts baring controversial slogans, and punk combat boots.  Perhaps the original reason to wear these military boots was in an outright protest against the war and being in the armed services. 

The rebellious nature of the punk movement continued from the 1970’s into the 1980’s and they continued to push the boundaries of conventional fashion.  Some of the new additions to the unspoken uniform were plaid shirts, plaid skirts and heavy chains.  The footwear remained true to the punk combat boot and with Doc Martens on the scene there was even a specific brand of choice.  Many followers also chose to shop at cheap thrift stores.  In an effort to make the items that they purchased their own they would actually write the band names or offensive slogans on the clothes.  Then in the 1980’s there were some new hair trends like the Mohawk and crazy died hair.  It was during this time that you could see many followers of punk with green or purple hair.  Basically the followers were trying to look as unique and different as possible. 

The new term for punk fashion is underground fashion.  Underground fashion has a number of different subcultures as well.  The fashion statement could be torn jeans, chain wallets, plain white t-shirts and hooded jackets or punk combat boots and black.  Therefore today’s standards of punk are often very different than what they were in the past but are still uniquely the wearers own.

Gothic Combat Boots

Every Goth Needs a Pair of Gothic Military Boots

When you are talking about the gothic lifestyle there are two different types that you will want to be aware of.  There is the Victorian era gothic and the 80’s style gothic.  However one thing in common for both of these is the fact that they all consider the gothic combat boots to be the preferred shoes.  No matter what type of gothic lifestyle you consider to be your own you will follow some set standards.  These include that you listen to the appropriate music, dress the part, know about the subculture, and have the right attitude to fit in. 

The music of the gothic subculture is varied.  There are several different subgroups of this music category and any one of them could be considered the perfect music for you as you try to adopt the lifestyle. 

The unspoken dress code for the Gothic lifestyle includes many things.  First of all you will need to adopt a preference for black and should not wear other colors.  Then both men and women will need a good pair of Gothic combat boots.  From there the sexes split with women wearing fishnet stockings and torn clothes with short skirts or shorts that are appropriate.  Men will be wearing torn clothes and mostly band t-shirts.  Since one of the main pieces of the wardrobe are the Gothic combat boots there are many different types of combat boots that can be found when seeing people who are involved in the subculture.  Designers have even jumped on this trend and you can find the boots in a number of different patterns, colors and even different materials although the most common used is leather.  It is not uncommon to see these boots in a red pattern like red leopard prints or even black and white striped or anything in between.   

In order to have the right attitude to fit in with the gothic subculture you need to know a few things.  You will need to understand that you will always be searching for deep thoughts and avoiding shallowness.  It is also necessary to become more aware of everything around you and to not be depressed.   One common misconception about this subculture is that participants are sad or depressed.  Although there are some (as there are in all cultures), not all of them are sad or depressed.  The subculture that is depressed is considered the emo subculture.  Although these two subcultures are the same in many ways, like the love for black combat boots, they have completely different attitudes. 

The make up of the gothic subculture is another thing that must be learned over time.  The base is a white face and there is a lot black eyeliner and even black lipstick and nail polish.  Although this might be thought of as scary there is nothing that is meant to be frightening about it.  In all actuality it is just a fashion statement all the same, just like everything else about the fashion.

Leather Combat Boots

Who Says Leather Military Boots are Just for Soldiers?

There are many different types of leather combat boots.  These boots were originally manufactured and designed with soldiers in mind.  However there are many different types of these boots today depending on what they are being used for.   These boots typically lace up past the ankle and stop somewhere mid-shin.  Some of the specifications on particular pairs of these military boots make them either appropriate for colder climates while others are designed to breathe in warmer climates.  Since members of the military need to be quick and light on their feet it is important that these boots be lightweight. 

Since the conception of combat boots there has been an increase in popularity.  Regular citizens find themselves owning or wanting to own a pair of leather combat boots for a variety of reasons.  These boots can be made into a fashion statement and whole generation of youth subcultures have taken them on as their preferred shoe.  These subcultures have an unspoken dress code that typically involves the combat boots being the shoe of choice.  Some of these subcultures include the neo-Nazis, skinheads, gothic, and punk.  However these are definitely not the only people who choose to wear these boots.  These boots are quickly becoming a growing fashion trend that is targeted at a wide variety of people.

Leather combat boots are not only popular for fashion reasons but also for reasons of practicality.  These boots are the preferred footwear for a wide variety of activities.  They are popular because the boots were created for being able to adapt to a number of different situations.  These include different terrain and weather conditions.  As a bonus the boots are durable and actually comfortable. 

Many different countries and cultures have used the leather combat boot for some form of fashion.  These boots have been readily accepted and considered more fashionable in many countries but the two where they are most popular are the United States and United Kingdom.  This however does not mean that these boots are not in style in other countries as well.  Perhaps the trend has been most widely accepted by teenagers.  So you can easily tell that these boots could be worn by everyone and there is no one group of people who would not find themselves comfortable in a pair. 

Finding a pair of leather combat boots to make a fashion statement is something that is being done on a regular basis all around the world.  In recent years the boots have become more popular than could have been imagined when they were first created during the Vietnam War.  Designers have even incorporated them into some of their widely popular fashion shows.  Combat boots were once thought of as a shoe for fashion misfits and for those trying to make a statement.  This is no longer the case as they are readily accepted as footwear that is used on a daily basis that can easily adapt to different environmental changes.  The next time that you are out shopping or participating in any event you are sure to see a few pairs of combat boots around if just take the time to look.  Plus these boots are now made with both men and women in mind so both sexes can take advantage of the trend.

Steel Toe Combat Boots

Finding the Perfect Pair of Work Boots:  A Look at Steel Toe Military Boots

The invention of footwear and shoes has led to a process where there are constantly new advancements in shoes.  There are now special designs for specific purposes.  Steel toe military combat boots are a smart option if you are working in a variety of fields including construction.  This is because there are a number of things that could happen to the foot if things fell or were dropped and these steel toes protect the feet from these problems.  These advancements in shoe and boot design have been specifically focused on work related issues. 

Steel toe military boots are popular because of the problems that occurred when there were no shoes on soldiers.  Take, for instance, the Roman soldiers who wore sandals.  These soldiers often had severe issues with their toes being cut off during battle or other serious injuries.  These boots have also been popular among other trades like blacksmiths who continually are working with heavy objects and materials that could severely injure and damage the foot if dropped on them. 

Today there are a number of specialty boots on the market for different purposes.  There are high cut rubber boots or wellies that are geared towards fishermen and other trades that have a lot of contact with water.  There are special boots for construction and combat.  These steel toe military combat boots can further protect the soldier’s foot from harm during battle or other things that might be taking place.  This is because there is a high chance of something falling on your foot during battle and with this added protection you have a better chance of being able to save your feet and being able to run and actively pursue the battle.

In general combat boots are designed to be able to withstand a number of weather conditions and a lot of walking and standing.  These boots have the main focus of being sturdy in construction and design.  Plus there are unique military experiences that must be considered as well.  The boots even have the ability to withstand extreme cold, extreme heat and extreme wet weather conditions which is important.  The boots can still provide stability, protection and traction as well.  This is very important when you consider that a number of the servicemen who enter into combat do so in a jungle where they are unsure of the terrain around them.  Plus by the boots being steel toe there are even further protections that can be guaranteed.

Steel toe combat boots are also a preferred boot of construction workers.  The main difference between these and other steel toe boots are that these boots are more comfortable.  These boots offer the same comfort standards as regular military boots.  Plus these boots are more rugged than other steel toe boots that are typically bought for construction positions.  In the past it was not possible to buy military boots if you were a civilian so now that they are available they continue to increase in popularity.

Mens Combat Boots

A Quick Guide to Men’s Military Boots

There are many different reasons that might be associated with the purchase of a pair of men’s combat boots.  If you are interested in finding a good, high quality pair of boots then there are some things that you need to remember.  You can find these boots in a number of places including local malls thanks to their recent popularity.  If you are not the mall type then you can also find them in military supply stores. 

Lately there has been a huge increase in the popularity of men’s combat boots.  One reason for the increase in popularity has been the increase in the number of famous people who have been seen wearing combat boots.  Since these celebrities and fashionistas are seen wearing combat boots, there are many teenagers who want to fall in the same footsteps and therefore are interested in owning their own combat boots as well. 

Men’s combat boots have been known through different recent time periods for a number of things.  When these boots were first created they were only manufactured for those serving in the military.  Their sole purpose at this time was to be a good quality boot for those in the military.  These boots were at one time associated with rebellion and the popular garage grunge bands of the early 1990’s.  However, today these boots are known for combing function and fashion.  They continue to be increasingly popular and can be seen in many different places.

The boots that were once the standard issue shoes for the art crowd are now appropriate for anyone to wear.  These shoes no longer stand for rebellion against society.  This is due to the fact that they are increasingly more popular among those who are not rebelling against society.  Men’s cargo boots can be worn in a casual environment with jeans and a t-shirt.  These boots can also be worn in a work situation with khakis and a sweater or in a formal situation under a tux or suit. 

There are a few things that you will want to consider when purchasing men’s combat boots.  The number one thing to consider and think about is the comfort of the boot.  You do not want to be wearing boots that are not comfortable.  Also you do not want to wear boots that are the wrong size so making sure to purchase the correct size is important.  In order to get the most use out of your boots you will want to make sure that they fit perfectly as these shoes keep their shape and size well and do not change over time.  So if you are trying on these boots then you will want to make sure and only purchase a pair that fits your foot correctly. 

The next thing that you will want to consider is the condition of the boot.  When purchasing new boots this should not be an issue.  However, if you are purchasing them at an army supply store than you will want to recognize that they might have been worn before.  You will want to check for any major defects including large scratches, holes or other problem areas.   

Womens Combat Boots

The Fashionable World of Women’s Military Boots

Since combat boots were first created and seen in the 1960’s there have been vast improvements.  Most of these improvements have come in the form of style and comfort.  Another huge improvement has been that there is now actually a difference between men’s and women’s combat boots  These shoes are now one of the most popular women’s fashion accessories and a top seller in the shoe industry.

Since fashion is in constant motion, changing and evolving combat boots need to change to keep up with trends.  When combat boots were first created for the Vietnam War it was the responsibility of the government to make sure that they were appropriately distributed to the soldiers.  During this time the civilians were unable to get these boots and they were only available to those in the military. 

Combat boots were only used for combat and that is where their name was derived.  The reasons that these boots were perfect for combat included that they were made to be rugged, easy to lace, and waterproof.  At this time there were a lot of complaints about the comfort of the boots and today’s soldiers have boots that mimic the comfort of a traditional tennis shoe.  Some additions that have aided in comfort have been the additional padding and the advancement of ankle supports in the boots.

Originally combat boots were only manufactured for men since women were not allowed to be in combat.  Since this time these boots have been developed further for men, women and even children.  These boots are now used for hiking and many other forms of employment and are a great purchase for anyone who enjoys being physically challenged in the outdoors.

Today there are many different brands that you can choose from if you are in the market for women’s combat boots.  The fact that there are even combat boots for women means that there have been a lot of advancements.  Some of the differences between combat boots marketed towards men and women are the width as women’s shoes need to be more narrow and the styling as women prefer boots that have some style to them. 

Since women’s combat boots are increasingly more popular and even considered fashionable they are continuing to increase in sales.  One of the reasons that these boots are popular is that they are made to be able to withstand a number of different weather conditions like rain, snow and sleet.  They can also help you to walk on a number of different types of terrain including steep rocky areas.  Plus since the boots are comfortable they have increased in their popularity among anyone who has ever worn them.

Women’s Combat Boots are an item that you can expect to continue to evolve and to continue to be popular in the future.  These boots are high quality footwear that has a number of features that are popular and since they continue to evolve they should be just as popular in the future as they are right now. 

Oakley Military Boots

A Review of Oakley Combat Boots

There are many things that make Oakley military boots unique.  One of these features is that the soles are two inches higher than typical combat boots and therefore they fit as a cross between a running shoe and a standard combat boot.  Oakley has not been making shoes for long and this movement from sunglasses to shoes has been a successful venture.  Their accessories are geared towards being appropriate for the military professional as well as the common civilian. 

Since the launch of their military boots, Oakley has been seen as increasingly popular as a military accessory company.  Their line of military boots has been approved by the United States military and some of the servicemen and women are currently wearing them.  Others who wear these boots include those who enjoy playing paintball and other military themed games.

Oakley military boots are reasonably priced for a high quality military boot.  The price of these boots is generally just under $200 which may seem steep since you can easily find a standard pair of cheap military boots for under $50.  However there is quite a bit of difference between a cheap pair of books and the quality that is put into the design and manufacture of these boots.

There are so many people who have worn Oakley military boots and commented on the overall comfort of these boots.  These boots are raved about as being the most popular military combat boots on the market.  This could be due to the fact that the sole is cushioned like a tennis shoe yet still offers the tread that is needed in a boot.  These boots are even said to be comfortable after a full day of walking or military duty or combat.  Plus there are fewer skin problems associated with wearing these boots than with other brands.

Oakley military boots are known as the most lightweight boot that is approved for tactical combat.  This is important to know as it is another reason for the overall comfort that is associated with the shoe.  The boots are also made to some very high quality standards and are rugged enough for any situation.  With these boots you are less likely to fall in all weather and other outdoor elements.

These military combat boots are engineered with a special lightweight design.  They are also engineered to be like a tennis shoe.  These boots are over the ankle boots and are made from top quality leather and also include abrasion restraint panels.  These panels are meant to prevent gravel from scraping up ankles in a fall.  Since there is such a solid construction of these boots helps to keep the ankles protected.  There is a lot of extra padding and the boots are a bit bulky around the ankles.  This means that you really must get used to walking in them.

Oakley military boots also offer an above standard ventilation system that helps to keep feet cool.  These also help to promote air circulation to your feet at all times.  Finally there is even special shock controls built into the shoes to help absorb the shock that is endured by walking.

Black Combat Boots

Things to Do and What to Watch for When Shopping for Black Military Boots

Black combat boots can be popular for a number of reasons.  Some of these are that you might enjoy how they look or you might be required to wear them for your job.  If you are in the market for these boots it does not matter what the reason is.  There are some things that you will want to remember when shopping in order to make sure that you make the best quality purchase for your needs.  By keeping the following in mind you will make sure to find the right type of boot for your needs.

When you are shopping for black combat boots you should make sure to wear the right type of socks.  You will want to wear the socks that you are expecting to wear when you wear the boots.  If you do not wear the same type of socks each time that you wear the boots you might not have a perfect fit every time.  So in order to make sure that you are purchasing boots that will not slide or slip when you are wearing them, you need to make sure to wear the right type of socks when shopping. 

Another thing to consider is that black combat boots are not cheap so you should plan on spending a pretty significant amount of money on these shoes.  Even if you typically shop with a specific budget and price point in mind you will want to keep an open mind when it comes to combat boots as these are something that you never know how much you will have to spend.  There are several reasons for the boots to cost a lot of money and a good pair will typically run at least a couple of hundred dollars.  Some of the reasons that the boots are worth this amount of money is that they are made to sustain time and be worn in all types of weather.  They can withstand the different types of weather as well.  In addition the materials that the boots are made out of are typically more expensive than the standard materials that cheaper boots are made out of.  Remember to keep an open mind as sometimes you might actually be able to find these boots at a better price if you happen to catch them on sale or as a special.

The next thing that you will want to do is try on different styles of combat boots.  There are many different styles that are considered combat boots.  If you are purchasing these for a work situation then you will need to make sure that they fall within the guidelines of your work uniform as expected.  If you are purchasing them to wear for personal reasons then you can be relaxed in the style that you pick out. 

The main thing to remember is to not pick out military boots that are of a lower quality in order to save money.  In the end you will regret this and be unhappy with your purchase and will only end up having to spend more money to get a better pair while still having paid for the original cheaper pair.

Army Desert Boots

Why Desert Combat Boots are the Best

There are so many reasons that most men love military desert boots.  Perhaps one of the greatest reasons why a man would love a good pair of army desert boots is to add to his macho image.  The boots that are designed for the United State Army are quite standard and have no unique features in their design.  If you are looking to use the boots for a career in the army then you will want to go with one of these standard designs.  However if you are interested in wearing the boots as a statement of your personal style or for the purpose of having good quality shoes to work or enjoy leisure time, then you would want to check out some of the newer designs as well. 

In recent years these tan combat boots have been improved upon and the designs are far more stylish and comfortable than the boots in the past.  The quality is still top of the line however there have been improvements that have made the boots lighter than they previously were. 

Army desert boots are boots that have been created for members of the army who need good solid boots that offer both comfort and protection.  You will find that these tan military boots are top quality and literally have the highest standards out of all boots that are currently manufactured. 

The best feature of army desert boots are their ergonomic design that offers the ultimate comfort for when you are walking long distances.  There is also additional padding, warm inserts in the case of cold weather, and waterproof liners that make these boots top of the line.  Plus the boots offer a unique ability to adapt to the shape of any foot and create a better fit overall.  The boots of today are far less heavy than boots of the past.  They do continue to be made from leather uppers and rubber soles.  The modern military boot is actually able to achieve versatility, performance and practicality. 

If you have the desire to purchase a pair of army desert boots then you should try finding them in army supply stores or online.  There are a number of great websites that offer these products. 

Most of the websites offer army boots in both six and eight inches.  These boots can range in price from $25-$350 depending on the quality of the desert combat boot boot that you choose.  Some of the websites even offer these military standard issued boots in different colors.  This means that your boots can be even more stylish that you would have typically imagined.

There are some things that you will want to be aware of if you are in the market and shopping for these special quality combat boots. One thing that you need to consider is that making sure that the boots that you choose are actually the high quality and standards that are required by the army.  Some of these include the tread wear pattern which makes them harder to slip in and some special gripping features around the ankle of the wearer.