Waterproof Combat Boots

How We Came to Having Waterproof Military Boots

The intent of military boots is not for the purpose of fashion but rather for the overall function.  The many things that make waterproof combat boots special and a great boot are that they have been developed over the years. 

There have been many different forms of combat boots that can be seen throughout history.  The original boots that were seen were the hobnail boots of the Roman soldiers.  These were specialized boots that were intended to be worn during combat rather than being ornamental accessories and something that was to be worn to ceremonies to create a specific image.  Today there are many different variations of the basic combat boot.  These boots are typically lace up styles.  The special boots are for those who are jumpers or tankers.  Most all of the military issued boots are now waterproof combat boots.  Since the technology is available nearly all boots have since been made to be waterproof. 

Specialized boots are available for military servicemen and women depending upon the areas to which they will be traveling.  Some of the specifications are that the boots be made to go with certain types of terrain.  This means that there are special jungle combat boots, cold weather combat boots, and desert combat boots.  However, nearly all of these fall into the waterproof combat boots category. 

Combat boots are made to be tough and rugged.  They are made to be walked in for long periods of time and in various weather conditions.  There are even special parts of the boot that are made for the various rugged landforms and terrain that you might find yourself in while in the service.  Besides being conditioned for all weather types these boots are known to be comfortable thanks to specialized padding and lining.  In addition the boots have special support systems built in for the wearers ankles which makes them great in all conditions and helps to keep the ankle from rolling.  This can help to prevent sprained ankles and breaks in the ankle.  The boots provide a good solid grip to the ground and can help the soldier to keep from sliding when they are walking in different types of terrain. 

Some additional benefits are found in the newer waterproof combat boots.  By being waterproof these boots provide a safe way to keep the soldiers’ feet dry and prevent many harmful diseases.  These boots also provide a way for soldiers to travel for long periods of time through the jungle or other less than perfect areas.  This means that the soldiers can travel through swamps and rivers and not get their feet wet.

Since the conceptualization and manufacturing of waterproof combat boots the men and women in the military have had beneficial treatment of their feet while wearing boots.  There has also been less of a chance of some pretty serious foot fungus and foot disease issues that were caused by feet being wet for too long of a period of time.