Punk Combat Boots

A Staple of Underground Fashion - Punk Military Boots

There are many things that can be connected to the punk world.  One popular choice for punk rockers that has rubbed off on punk followers is the love for punk combat boots.  In some way these musicians have influenced the fashion of their followers as have many other types of musicians.  Think about it the Grateful Dead made the Birkenstock sandal popular among followers and the Insane Clown Posse has made it popular to dress up like a gothic clown.  However it could be argued that punk bands have a stronger fashion following than other bands and nearly all those who listen to this type of music choose to wear the popular punk combat boots.

During the 1970’s punk rock first came on the scene with bands like The Sex Pistols and the Clash.  These bands came face to face with the youth in America at the time and their unique style quickly became popular to the masses.  This music was completely different than anything that had been on the scene prior.  The music was out of control and unruly.  Musically and emotionally the music broke all of the rules that had been previously set in place with rock n’ roll.  Since there was such an outcry toward rebellion the fashion followed that same trend.

There were many different fashion pieces that were considered to be part of the punk movement.  These fashion pieces often times include the symbol of anarchy as this movement was formed out of a cry out against the war in Vietnam.  The fashion trends included ripped t-shirts, torn jeans, leather jackets, patches, t-shirts baring controversial slogans, and punk combat boots.  Perhaps the original reason to wear these military boots was in an outright protest against the war and being in the armed services. 

The rebellious nature of the punk movement continued from the 1970’s into the 1980’s and they continued to push the boundaries of conventional fashion.  Some of the new additions to the unspoken uniform were plaid shirts, plaid skirts and heavy chains.  The footwear remained true to the punk combat boot and with Doc Martens on the scene there was even a specific brand of choice.  Many followers also chose to shop at cheap thrift stores.  In an effort to make the items that they purchased their own they would actually write the band names or offensive slogans on the clothes.  Then in the 1980’s there were some new hair trends like the Mohawk and crazy died hair.  It was during this time that you could see many followers of punk with green or purple hair.  Basically the followers were trying to look as unique and different as possible. 

The new term for punk fashion is underground fashion.  Underground fashion has a number of different subcultures as well.  The fashion statement could be torn jeans, chain wallets, plain white t-shirts and hooded jackets or punk combat boots and black.  Therefore today’s standards of punk are often very different than what they were in the past but are still uniquely the wearers own.