German Military Boots

The History of German Combat Boots

German military boots are standard combat boots that are made for soldiers to wear during combat.  These boots are typically only worn during combat and combat training and are not the same boots that are worn during parades or other ceremonial occasions.  These boots are manufactured to be able to combine grip, ankle stability, and protection under a number of different environmental circumstances while being known for their comfort. 

German military boots are made out of leather that has been hardened and is waterproofed.  Today’s boots actually have the modern technologies that are popular with hiking boots incorporated into them to ensure comfort for the wearer.  Some of these include Gore Tex nylon side panels that help the shoe to breathe during warm wet weather.

There can be several different classifications of German military boots.  These include the jungle boot, desert boot, or cold weather boot.  There are even boots for specific military duties that include tanker boots or jump boots. 

To understand the history of German military boots you would need to know a little bit about the history of combat boots in general.  The first soldiers to wear boots were the Romans.  Prior to this time the soldiers wore sandals and every day shoes as was common of the general population of the time.  The next boots on the scene were ankle boots during the English Civil War.  Then were the Hessian boots that were popular among cavalry during World War I. 

The next boots that were seen were used during the Napoleonic Wars and were the Blutcher boots.  These boots were not replaced until around World War I during which time the military was issued George boots.  During the War of 1812 US soldiers were given calf high boots.  Then during the Civil War the boots were ankle high instead. 

The first trench boots were seen during World War I and many standards that were used in the boots at this time are still used today nearly one hundred years later.  During World War II the first modern combat boots were introduced.  Although they were not required to be shined until after the Vietnam War, however this practice was used in German military boots even as far back as World War I. 

German military boots have had few revisions since World War II as they were perfected at this time to make them as comfortable as possible.  Plus they were also made from leather that was easier to shine in order for the Nazi soldiers to be able to have perfectly shined boots at all times.

Current US military combat boots are no longer black leather and are no longer shined.  They are tan and have a much rougher appearance.  These boots are waterproof and have the ability to keep feet warm and dry in cold weather but still breathe and keep the feet cool and dry in hot weather.  In combination with moisture whisking socks there are fewer foot fungal problems than in the past and gang green is no longer an issue with soldiers.