Corcoran Combat Boots

A Quick History of the Corcoran Military Boots

The original Corcoran combat boots were originally created just for the airborne infantry.  The boots were made especially for the jumpers.  The main difference in these boots was that they no longer had the leggings in order to prevent parachute risers from being snagged.  These boots were originally developed in 1941. 

The original paratroopers who wore the Corcoran combat boots were stationed throughout the world.  So the boots actually were used in live combat in a number of locations including Sicily, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, and Holland.  When the army decided to change these boots in 1945 the paratroopers were very upset and opposed.  This is because the new boots could actually snag the parachute risers and this could cause injury to the soldiers. 

Today a version of the original Corcoran combat boot still exists and you can actually purchase the first edition style still.  These combat boots are high quality and have been used for years to provide good quality footwear for those who enjoy parachuting.  Today not only paratroopers but rather sport parachuters enjoy wearing the boot. 

Another popular feature is the additional shock absorbing pads and lining.  This helps to make jumps easier on the knees and ankles and to even support hips.  This is a great feature as so many people were injured during jumps in the past. 

If you are in the market for Corcoran combat boots then you will easily be able to find them online.  if you were to try to look for these boots in the stores then you might have a hard time as they are not readily available in all areas.  Plus they are typically not on store shelves.  There are now several different styles of the boot as well.  Below are some of the most popular and their special features.

The Corcoran 1525 Men’s 10” boot is a popular shining military boot is a great buy at around $175.  These boots are constructed using comfort and performance leather, webbing ankle reinforcement, heavy duty military counters and box toes, and full height speed lace system making them easier to lace.

The Corcoran 17146 Men’s 10” boot is another popular boot since the price is lower and they average around $160.  These boots are also made from leather that is easy to shine.  The main difference between these and the 1525 is that these boots are not made out of leather.  They are instead constructed from Condura, a high performance fabric. 

The Corcoran 43090 boot is a great choice if you are looking for a desert style boot.  Instead of being black, these boots are tan.  This boot is made from leather and is not lined making them cooler than some other options for boots.  The boots have a fiberglass shank and offer a great solid tread that is made in the same process as Goodyear tires.  These boots cost around $200 and are really popular for a number of reasons but the main is that they keep your feet cool in extreme heat.