Lace Up Combat Boots

The History of Lace Up Military Boots

If you were to study today’s culture one reoccurring thing that you would see are lace up combat boots.  These military boots are seen in a variety of places.  They could be seen in popular trend setting environments like online and even in fashion shows or they might be seen as the official boot of the military.  There are a number of reasons why these boots are popular and one is that they combine comfort and practicality.  These shoes are used for a number of practical reasons and they are made to be comfortable for a number of reasons as well.  People of all ages and races wear these shoes.  They continue to remain popular as they were developed in style and diversity for a number of years.  These boots were originally started as a military clothing accessory.  Since this time they have been radically transformed for a number of reasons.

Today lace up combat boots have become popular for a number of reasons.  Some of these are that they have been the official shoe of many different youth subcultures in the United States.  Some of these subcultures are part of the punk or gothic movements.  These shoes are a clothing accessory that continue to appeal to a number of different types of people.  These boots have become a part of many different types of urban culture.  Thanks to these different factors the sales of lace up combat boots continue to rise.  Since the origination and creation of combat boots there have been a number of changes that have occurred for the better.  There have even been companies that have based their entire success on the sale of these types of boots.  Some of these brands include the praised Doc Martens. 

During the Vietnam War in the 1960’s the United States government created the combat boot.  Originally these boots were distributed to soldiers and only soldiers.  Civilians were not bale to purchase or use these boots at this time.  These boots were specifically designed for practices during combat.  Some of these practices include that the boots were made to withstand various types of weather and land formations.  They were also created to keep the soldiers’ feet safe and for them to not have problems later in life.  This was in direct response to a number of soldiers from previous wars who had feet problems and serious medical issues from their feet not being cared for properly. 

Lace up combat boots have been made with some specific considerations in mind.  One of these boots have to be able to be laced up quickly and easily.  This is because soldiers need to be able to put their boots on in a hurry if they happen to be under attack.  Another is that the boots are required to be comfortable in all land conditions and while on long walks or even while running.  In addition they must be able to protect the ankles and keep their feet comfortable as well.