Zipper Combat Boots

What are the Differences with Zipper Military Boots?

Zipper combat boots are quickly becoming a trend and replacing the more frustrating lace up combat boots that have been very popular in the past.  For the purposes of the military these boots would not be the preference for a number of reasons.  Some of the reasons include that the boots would not be as sturdy and would not be as well fitted as the lace up version.  It could be argued that these military combat boots would be easier and quick to put on and off.  However when you start to think about the land and terrain and the chances of someone rolling, breaking or twisting their ankles, it seems prevalent that they would be injured more frequently. 

Zipper combat boots were not requested by nor were they introduced by the military.  These boots were at first completely fashion forward.  The boots were preferred by much of the regular public for their ease of putting on and also for the fact that they could easily be made to be quite comfortable.  Plus they were a designer interpretation of the boot that was meant to make them more popular and more acceptable by the general population.  There are also reasons that these boots might be a great choice for retired soldiers or for soldiers how have been injured and lost some of the use of their hands.  They would be easier to put on and off and would still make the soldier feel accepted.  The soldier would still get to feel like a soldier as he or she put the boots on or off and was able to accomplish this on their own. 

Zipper combat boots can be seen in a variety of places and worn by a wide variety of people.  These boots could be seen on individuals who were known as being part of the gothic movement.  There are even some sexier versions of these boots that are made to be taller and to come up the leg further.  When paired with a short skirt or a short pair of shorts and fishnet stockings the wearer instantly becomes sexier.  This is a great statement piece and something that the wearer could have easily found if knowing where to look.  People who are followers of punk rock might also love a pair of zipper combat boots.  This is because they would be easier to put on and off and would still give the same appeal of combat boots.  Plus since they are not as tight around the ankle they might even be considered more comfortable. 

There are a number of reasons that the zipper combat boots is a comfortable fashion statement.  These boots, like other combat boots, have a solid sole and good support and comfort lining that has been placed inside the shoe.  There are also special cushioned socks that might be popular while wearing these particular boots.  Some other features of the boot are that the ankle is not as tight as traditional combat boots which might make them more wearable for some.