Gothic Combat Boots

Every Goth Needs a Pair of Gothic Military Boots

When you are talking about the gothic lifestyle there are two different types that you will want to be aware of.  There is the Victorian era gothic and the 80’s style gothic.  However one thing in common for both of these is the fact that they all consider the gothic combat boots to be the preferred shoes.  No matter what type of gothic lifestyle you consider to be your own you will follow some set standards.  These include that you listen to the appropriate music, dress the part, know about the subculture, and have the right attitude to fit in. 

The music of the gothic subculture is varied.  There are several different subgroups of this music category and any one of them could be considered the perfect music for you as you try to adopt the lifestyle. 

The unspoken dress code for the Gothic lifestyle includes many things.  First of all you will need to adopt a preference for black and should not wear other colors.  Then both men and women will need a good pair of Gothic combat boots.  From there the sexes split with women wearing fishnet stockings and torn clothes with short skirts or shorts that are appropriate.  Men will be wearing torn clothes and mostly band t-shirts.  Since one of the main pieces of the wardrobe are the Gothic combat boots there are many different types of combat boots that can be found when seeing people who are involved in the subculture.  Designers have even jumped on this trend and you can find the boots in a number of different patterns, colors and even different materials although the most common used is leather.  It is not uncommon to see these boots in a red pattern like red leopard prints or even black and white striped or anything in between.   

In order to have the right attitude to fit in with the gothic subculture you need to know a few things.  You will need to understand that you will always be searching for deep thoughts and avoiding shallowness.  It is also necessary to become more aware of everything around you and to not be depressed.   One common misconception about this subculture is that participants are sad or depressed.  Although there are some (as there are in all cultures), not all of them are sad or depressed.  The subculture that is depressed is considered the emo subculture.  Although these two subcultures are the same in many ways, like the love for black combat boots, they have completely different attitudes. 

The make up of the gothic subculture is another thing that must be learned over time.  The base is a white face and there is a lot black eyeliner and even black lipstick and nail polish.  Although this might be thought of as scary there is nothing that is meant to be frightening about it.  In all actuality it is just a fashion statement all the same, just like everything else about the fashion.