Canadian Combat Boots

Canadian Military Boots and Fashion

For many years there has been a fashion trend among a variety of groups to wear Canadian combat boots.  There are those groups that wear these combat boots because of their function and those groups that wear that wear these boots for reasons of comfort or even style.  There are even trends where Canadian combat boots are made appropriate in seemingly the most inappropriate situations. 

One group that has been particularly accepting of the combat boot has been the Canadian music scene.  There are a variety of types of music that are played by combat boot wearing band members.  Some of these include the Canadian punk rock movement.  As with those who are a part of this music in other countries there is an unspoken code about how one should dress.  For some reason there is a strong showing of combat boots on both men and women who are into this scene.  There are some exceptions however as the combat boots are seen are not all black and most of them do not tend to be military issued.  However the basic style remains the same.  Another music group that has presented itself with combat boots is surprisingly a new bluegrass movement.  It might seem quite odd that the fiddler players have been seen wearing Canadian combat boots.  This would make one think that it has something to do with the comfort and for the fact that the boots are well functioning in all types of situations and on all types of land.  Perhaps this movement is really about some hardworking farmers just wearing the shoes that they already had. 

Another scene where Canadian combat boots have been popular has been with the various subcultures of youth.  Perhaps the most well known subculture to be associated with these boots are the gothic crowd.  This is because the kids have an un-rational thinking about the military and government.  As if to show a slap in the face these followers seem to wear the army boots as a protest of wars in general.  The gothic crowd of Canada dresses and behaves similarly to those who are living in the Untied States. 

The most surprising scene to become accepting of Canadian combat boots has been those who are expected to look perfect while walking on the red carpet.  There have been photographs and responses on a number of occasions as combat boots are seen in these places.  However perhaps the most shocking was when one young starlet was seen wearing combat boots with a sexy red sequined dress.  The dress and boots were a direct contradiction however they were readily accepted.  Perhaps it is situations like these that have made the combat boots increasingly popular on the catwalk.  The designers are following the trends that have been  set forth by the people.  This means that there are a variety of different types of boots and all of them are seen as being comfortable and for the time stylish.  As with all styles it is sure to be a thing that will be forgotten in the past but to those who love their boots no replacement could ever be made.