Marine Corps Combat Boots

A Journey in Marine Corps Military Boots Through Boot Camp

One of the first things that happens when you arrive on base for the Marine Corps is that you get issued your Marine corps combat boots.  These boots are a friend that you will lean on and have during the next thirteen weeks of intense training.  There are many phases that you will experience during the training but perhaps one of the hardest is the crucible phase which is the fourth phase.  This phase is also known as the make it or break it phase.  The crucible phase is the phase where the recruit is expected to show everything that they have learned during the beginning part of their training.  During this phase the new soldiers show off their skill and their ability to work as a team to be able to overcome the obstacles that they are faced with.  Without teamwork these soldiers would not be able to accomplish the tasks.  The team then either succeeds or they fail as a group.  Therefore even if only some of the people have done a great job then the group still might not be successful. 

There are many different tasks that need to be completed in the crucible phase.  These tasks include that there be a fifty four hour field training exercise.  During this the recruit must actually recall and use all of the training that they have learned during the previous weeks of boot camp.  The soldiers also must demonstrate how they can utilize their Marine corps combat boots and how they are able to put them on quickly as if they were in true combat.  Also during the crucible phase the recruits will actually walk forty eight miles while completing tactical moves that would be expected in combat situations.  Some of the things that happen during the combat situations are that there is strenuous testing while not being able to eat as much or sleep as often as they usually do.  It is during this phase that a recruit’s Marine corps combat boots will be broken in. 

A recruit might only get four to eight hours of sleep during this entire time.  During this time you actually get placed into small groups under the command of one drill instructor.  Each different marine base actually has as special location where you actually go to go through this type of training.  When the soldiers are finished with boot camp they have been broken and made strong both physically and mentally.  In the end the challenges that are competed are actually endured to increase the overall strength of the recruit.  These different strengths are shown in a number of ways.  One of the biggest physical hurdles is that there are a number of different types of conditioning and with Marine corps combat boots these are all possible.  The boots actually help to train the soldiers and help their feet to stay safe when they are abusing their bodies so badly.