Shift Combat Boots

Shift Combat Boots are the Boot for Your Race

With all of the advancements in technology and the new design features that are seen everywhere from the lining in your coat to the way that your shoes are made it is no wonder that there are now special boots for motorcycle racers.  These shoes are called Shift combat boots.  They derive their name from the ability to shift more quickly between gears as well as the company name and the fact that they have a basic military combat boot design.  These boots are a relatively new invention but are quickly catching on and nearly all motorcycle racers can now be seen wearing them.

Shift combat boots are great for a number of reasons.  One is that they are still durable and hardworking boots that can withstand a lot of exercise and performance problems.  These boots can actually help riders to be able to shift more easily between gears.  Plus they keep the feet well protected at all times.  Since it is not uncommon for a racer to have his or her foot ran over this is important and wearing these boots can really mean the difference between an injury or walking away.

The boots are constructed out of leather.  Typically these military combat boots have some type of adjustable straps as well which helps to make sure that you always have a perfect fit with the boots.  This is essential as having a perfect fitting boot is required for a number of reasons.  You need great fitting boots to ensure that they do not become loose or fall off during a race as well as maintaining the support that your foot and ankle need if you were to get into an accident, fall off of your bike or be ran over by another rider. 

If you were to talk to racers today and ask what items were on their wish lists it is almost certain that they would be wishing for a pair of Shift combat boots.  These boots are great for the rider but would not be appropriate for a non-rider as they are essentially just riding boots.  By doing a quick internet search you can watch any number of videos and special programs on websites like You Tube devoted to talking about the love of these great pairs of boots. 

The boots come in many different stylish colors so any rider can find the perfect pair to match his or her attire.  These boots are relatively inexpensive at around $100 per pair and offer a great amount of traction and stability for the rider.  Shift is a small company that specializes in different types of riding gear.  The company makes a great line of different products including the Shift combat boots.  Their helmets, jackets and other riding gear are top quality and the top of the line for riders of motorcycles everywhere.  Plus the products are safe for all types of weather meaning that people from everywhere can wear them at any time.