Oakley Military Boots

A Review of Oakley Combat Boots

There are many things that make Oakley military boots unique.  One of these features is that the soles are two inches higher than typical combat boots and therefore they fit as a cross between a running shoe and a standard combat boot.  Oakley has not been making shoes for long and this movement from sunglasses to shoes has been a successful venture.  Their accessories are geared towards being appropriate for the military professional as well as the common civilian. 

Since the launch of their military boots, Oakley has been seen as increasingly popular as a military accessory company.  Their line of military boots has been approved by the United States military and some of the servicemen and women are currently wearing them.  Others who wear these boots include those who enjoy playing paintball and other military themed games.

Oakley military boots are reasonably priced for a high quality military boot.  The price of these boots is generally just under $200 which may seem steep since you can easily find a standard pair of cheap military boots for under $50.  However there is quite a bit of difference between a cheap pair of books and the quality that is put into the design and manufacture of these boots.

There are so many people who have worn Oakley military boots and commented on the overall comfort of these boots.  These boots are raved about as being the most popular military combat boots on the market.  This could be due to the fact that the sole is cushioned like a tennis shoe yet still offers the tread that is needed in a boot.  These boots are even said to be comfortable after a full day of walking or military duty or combat.  Plus there are fewer skin problems associated with wearing these boots than with other brands.

Oakley military boots are known as the most lightweight boot that is approved for tactical combat.  This is important to know as it is another reason for the overall comfort that is associated with the shoe.  The boots are also made to some very high quality standards and are rugged enough for any situation.  With these boots you are less likely to fall in all weather and other outdoor elements.

These military combat boots are engineered with a special lightweight design.  They are also engineered to be like a tennis shoe.  These boots are over the ankle boots and are made from top quality leather and also include abrasion restraint panels.  These panels are meant to prevent gravel from scraping up ankles in a fall.  Since there is such a solid construction of these boots helps to keep the ankles protected.  There is a lot of extra padding and the boots are a bit bulky around the ankles.  This means that you really must get used to walking in them.

Oakley military boots also offer an above standard ventilation system that helps to keep feet cool.  These also help to promote air circulation to your feet at all times.  Finally there is even special shock controls built into the shoes to help absorb the shock that is endured by walking.