Leather Combat Boots

Who Says Leather Military Boots are Just for Soldiers?

There are many different types of leather combat boots.  These boots were originally manufactured and designed with soldiers in mind.  However there are many different types of these boots today depending on what they are being used for.   These boots typically lace up past the ankle and stop somewhere mid-shin.  Some of the specifications on particular pairs of these military boots make them either appropriate for colder climates while others are designed to breathe in warmer climates.  Since members of the military need to be quick and light on their feet it is important that these boots be lightweight. 

Since the conception of combat boots there has been an increase in popularity.  Regular citizens find themselves owning or wanting to own a pair of leather combat boots for a variety of reasons.  These boots can be made into a fashion statement and whole generation of youth subcultures have taken them on as their preferred shoe.  These subcultures have an unspoken dress code that typically involves the combat boots being the shoe of choice.  Some of these subcultures include the neo-Nazis, skinheads, gothic, and punk.  However these are definitely not the only people who choose to wear these boots.  These boots are quickly becoming a growing fashion trend that is targeted at a wide variety of people.

Leather combat boots are not only popular for fashion reasons but also for reasons of practicality.  These boots are the preferred footwear for a wide variety of activities.  They are popular because the boots were created for being able to adapt to a number of different situations.  These include different terrain and weather conditions.  As a bonus the boots are durable and actually comfortable. 

Many different countries and cultures have used the leather combat boot for some form of fashion.  These boots have been readily accepted and considered more fashionable in many countries but the two where they are most popular are the United States and United Kingdom.  This however does not mean that these boots are not in style in other countries as well.  Perhaps the trend has been most widely accepted by teenagers.  So you can easily tell that these boots could be worn by everyone and there is no one group of people who would not find themselves comfortable in a pair. 

Finding a pair of leather combat boots to make a fashion statement is something that is being done on a regular basis all around the world.  In recent years the boots have become more popular than could have been imagined when they were first created during the Vietnam War.  Designers have even incorporated them into some of their widely popular fashion shows.  Combat boots were once thought of as a shoe for fashion misfits and for those trying to make a statement.  This is no longer the case as they are readily accepted as footwear that is used on a daily basis that can easily adapt to different environmental changes.  The next time that you are out shopping or participating in any event you are sure to see a few pairs of combat boots around if just take the time to look.  Plus these boots are now made with both men and women in mind so both sexes can take advantage of the trend.