Womens Combat Boots

The Fashionable World of Women’s Military Boots

Since combat boots were first created and seen in the 1960’s there have been vast improvements.  Most of these improvements have come in the form of style and comfort.  Another huge improvement has been that there is now actually a difference between men’s and women’s combat boots  These shoes are now one of the most popular women’s fashion accessories and a top seller in the shoe industry.

Since fashion is in constant motion, changing and evolving combat boots need to change to keep up with trends.  When combat boots were first created for the Vietnam War it was the responsibility of the government to make sure that they were appropriately distributed to the soldiers.  During this time the civilians were unable to get these boots and they were only available to those in the military. 

Combat boots were only used for combat and that is where their name was derived.  The reasons that these boots were perfect for combat included that they were made to be rugged, easy to lace, and waterproof.  At this time there were a lot of complaints about the comfort of the boots and today’s soldiers have boots that mimic the comfort of a traditional tennis shoe.  Some additions that have aided in comfort have been the additional padding and the advancement of ankle supports in the boots.

Originally combat boots were only manufactured for men since women were not allowed to be in combat.  Since this time these boots have been developed further for men, women and even children.  These boots are now used for hiking and many other forms of employment and are a great purchase for anyone who enjoys being physically challenged in the outdoors.

Today there are many different brands that you can choose from if you are in the market for women’s combat boots.  The fact that there are even combat boots for women means that there have been a lot of advancements.  Some of the differences between combat boots marketed towards men and women are the width as women’s shoes need to be more narrow and the styling as women prefer boots that have some style to them. 

Since women’s combat boots are increasingly more popular and even considered fashionable they are continuing to increase in sales.  One of the reasons that these boots are popular is that they are made to be able to withstand a number of different weather conditions like rain, snow and sleet.  They can also help you to walk on a number of different types of terrain including steep rocky areas.  Plus since the boots are comfortable they have increased in their popularity among anyone who has ever worn them.

Women’s Combat Boots are an item that you can expect to continue to evolve and to continue to be popular in the future.  These boots are high quality footwear that has a number of features that are popular and since they continue to evolve they should be just as popular in the future as they are right now.