Knee High Combat Boots

How to Wear Any Boots, Even Knee High Military Boots

There are so many different choices of boots available today on the market from stiletto healed red boots to knee high combat boots.  Each of these boots has a specific purpose and to ensure that you always remain in style you will want to know how to wear the different types of combat boots.  Most women have a number of different types of boots in their closet and also on their current want list for top fashions. 

To understand how to wear different types of boots you must first understand the different types and their differences. 

Hiking boots are practical but it is hard to make these boots look sexy, even though it is possible.  These boots are sturdy and prevent the wearer from rolling her ankle which is important when on long hikes or climbs.  There are a variety of styles of hiking boots from the newly popular Keen hiking boot to the standard issue knee high combat boot. 

There is also the standard knee high boots.  These boots can be practical like the knee high combat boots or simply for fashion like many of the knee high stiletto boots that are currently on the market. 

There are also thigh high boots.  These boots were traditionally known as the boots of nightclubs and were considered to be something that should be saved for the bedroom.  However today’s fashion statements break all of the rules and these boots are quite popular with many daytime looks.

Another style of boots is the hip boots or waders as they are commonly known.  These boots leave little for fashion, although currently they seem to be making some sort of entrance into the fashion world.  The boots are primarily for when you must wade in deep water while fishing or hunting. 

The standard go-go boots are boots that have been made for dancing.  These boots are a classic in white and have been a symbol of female empowerment as much as the knee high combat boots.

Although steel toe boots can make a fashion statement they are typically saved for those who are working hard.  These boots can come in the form of traditional construction boots or could be seen in the style of knee high combat boots.  The boots help to protect the toes when working with hazardous materials.

Ugg boots have been one of the most popular booting trends and can be seen on the feet of the rich and famous during cold winter months.  They are known for being cute, stylish, warm and quite practical. 

Some boots perform specific purposes such as those used for skiing and snowboarding.  If you do not have the right boots then it is impossible to participate in the activity. 

You might also find yourself oddly attracted to cowboy boots.  Once thought of as the shoe of choice for cowboys or country folk, they are now popular among a variety of people. 

Military boots are another category of boot in which there are many different styles.  These styles can range from the lace up knee high combat boots to boots that are just over the ankle. 

With so many different boots out there, you will be able to find the perfect pair for any event or outfit.